In order to comply with GDPR regulations, this form has been created to give us permission to record and share the interview piece(s) we film with you on behalf of Holly's Funerals. Once complete, the interview we film may be used online by both Chloe Rose and Holly's Funerals in accordance with their wishes, as well as across social media, and you are welcome to use the final pieces within your own work as necessary.

Any personal data such as full names will only be used in conjunction with the footage on agreement between you and Holly's Funerals.

Chloe Rose will store and make backup copies of all images taken, whether photo or video, and these at all times will be kept securely. You can request a copy of all data held at any time by contacting us using the above details, and any changes to details can also be communicated to us whenever they arise.







1. Chloe Rose values your privacy and is fully GDPR compliant. By submitting this form you provide consent to our storing and use of your personal data for the fulfillment of our work together - video files, both original and edited, may be kept for up to three years, and may also be shared within the Chloe Rose platform on agreement with Holly's Funerals. You are also welcome to use the completed films within your work and online as needed.

2. As we are filming on behalf of Holly's Funerals, all final pieces will be shared with them in order for them to use as they have agreed with yourself.