Welcome to Chloe Rose – for those of you who don’t know me, this is me ^^

[All images taken by the wonderful Georgina Piper Photography!]

As you may have seen by now, I have a real passion for sharing stories, particularly those of love and overcoming hardship. I have been blown away over the years by the human spirit and seeing what we are truly capable of, but I wanted to give you a much better idea of the person behind the brand…


Many years ago, I started in the ‘adult’ world fresh faced and full of excitement. That excitement has stayed with me all these years but has deepened into a real curiosity about life and all that it brings. All the way through school I was armed with sketchbooks and notebooks (which I still keep- they’re amazing to look back on!) and was constantly scribbling. I wrote down my thoughts, feelings, and was obsessed with drawing natures little details. I since went on to train and work as an actress in the capital, dedicating every minute of every day to looking deeply at myself. I wanted to know why I did what I do, and what truly motivated me. Looking back through my journals, I found this little nugget which I wrote to myself:


You are beautiful and you are brave.

You must now trust in yourself and go out into the world

and achieve the potential that you know you have.

The world is a big place, full of adventure and lessons waiting for

you to learn. You must grasp this with two hands and make as much

of the opportunity as you can.

I would never have imagined then just how much my life would change over the next 10 years!


Fast forward to now and I live by the sea in the South East and get to tell the stories of some of the most incredible people I have ever met. There is something so amazing about being welcomed into the lives of others, but to then be trusted to bring meaning to their stories in film is something so humbling. To be seen and loved for who you are really are is success, and I feel that with every person and couple that I meet- so thank you!! My wish is that every human being feels this love around them and is supported in their lives, because their is nothing more tragic to me than lost potential. We are all capable of so much and I want you all to know just how incredible you are!


One special person who I have to mention here is my beautiful sister Maisie seen in the photos below- over the years she has seen my passions develop and she is a vital part of the behind the scenes here at Chloe Rose. She has shot weddings with me over the past couple of years, edited numerous ceremonies and speeches as well as preparing footage for me. She has encouraged me, and is my sounding board for completed films (her opinion really is the final say!), and she is now supporting me in launching Real Lives which has been in my heart for many years. She is a superstar and without her I’m not sure Chloe Rose would be where it is! Now as she comes to the beginning of her own career in fashion and textiles (I still can’t quite believe that she GRADUATES this year!!), I only hope for her that she finds her path and has as much love for her work as I do- one thing’s for sure though, she will always have my support at every step of the way!



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