1 – General information

Chloe Rose will provide services to the Client(s), providing the Client(s) has/have assessed all the risks that may occur.


2 – Booking and payment

a. A booking fee is required upon return of this booking form (non refundable subject to Paragraph 4c).
Completion of this form alone will not secure your booking and the session may be booked by other parties.

b. A session may only be considered reserved once a completed booking form has been received and funds are cleared. Until that point sessions cannot be guaranteed. If a date is no longer available any deposit received will be returned to the sender with no further liability on either party.

c. The full balance is payable no later than 14 days prior to the date of your session. In cases where a booking has been made within the 14 day period, the full (non refundable) balance is payable. Failure to pay the final balance within this period will cancel your booking and the full price agreed will become chargeable.


3 – Travelling expenses

a. All packages include travel expenses up to 60 miles from our studio (BN21). For distances greater than this we reserve the right to charge a fee for any further motoring or rail expenses.


4 – Cancellations

a. We do understand that sometimes sessions do need to be cancelled or rearranged, and the Client(s) may cancel this booking at any time by giving written notice to Chloe Rose.

b. Refunds are only available if it is requested in writing and sent by recorded delivery within fourteen days of booking only.

c. Cancellation charges are as follows;

More than 14 days prior to the date = booking fee only.

Less than 14 days prior to the date = full amount.


5 – Photographing on the day

a. Any variations in the times, dates, or to the planned event that may impact on the booking form should be communicated to Chloe Rose as soon as possible.

b. We use professional quality well maintained equipment and always carry a spare camera in case of an unexpected camera failure, however we will not be liable for any Battery failures, equipment failure and or material defects which are beyond our control on the day that affect our final result. In the unlikely event of a total camera or backup failure our liabilities are limited to a refund of all monies paid by the Client(s) and a reshoot can be organised.

c. Every effort is made to ensure perfect colour and lighting reproduction, but certain conditions may not be accurate such as mixed indoor and external lighting, hard shadows, and low lighting conditions. With these factors beyond our control, we will endeavour to produce the best image possible.

d. Any special notes or instructions should be communicated to Chloe Rose before the session begins


6 – The Edit

a. Chloe Rose will endeavour to create your images around any special requests made within this booking form, but such requests are not binding instructions. Artistic interpretation cannot be guaranteed but every attempt will be made to comply with the Client(s) wishes. Chloe Rose will not be held responsible for any images not captured due to inclement weather or other conditions outside of Chloe Rose’s control.

b. Any changes requested on the final copy once sent out may be subject to a further charge for the time incurred

 f. Completion is usually within 2-3 weeks from the date of the session (not including any bank holidays).


7 – Acceptance of Goods.

a. The Client(s) shall give written notice to the Company within seven days from the delivery of goods of any respect in which it is alleged that the Goods do not comply with the Booking Form. Subject to no such notice, the goods will be deemed to comply with the Booking Form in all respects.


8 – Additional

a. We keep a master copy of your images in our archives for up to three years. You may order additional copies within this period as required. If you wish to order additional copies after that three year period we cannot guarantee that the master files will be available.

b. The prices within this booking form are current at the time of viewing. Chloe Rose reserves the right to change and amend this booking form without notice at which point prices may change.

c. Unless stated in the ‘anything else’ section of this form and previously agreed, Chloe Rose retains Copyright of the goods produced from this booking form and are protected by the Copyright and Design act 1988. Chloe Rose does however grant equal rights for you to share and use the images in the format supplied- these must be shared as given and not edited or altered in any way.