Today marks the start of this Real Lives series, a series of interviews born from a desire for sharing peoples stories in the hope that no-one ever feels alone. Life is full of ups and downs, but in sharing comes understanding, and when we can understand those around us we are able to be truly there for each other.

For the first interview we speak with Jenna, a very proud first time mum whose experience hasn’t always been easy. She speaks openly about what it means to have a child for the first time, her own experience of birth and what motherhood looks like 4 years later, but more importantly the joy that little Jack brings her.

No matter what life throws at them, they are a strong team, and put adventure and play at the forefront. I have been touched by their passion for life and each other and I hope that this little glimpse into their world can be an inspiration to all new first time mums out there- a reminder that even in the difficult moments there is always sunshine to come!